We Love to Contribute our Clients Objectives!

We are restless, curious, creative, smart people passionate to deliver full service digital project management, digital marketing, technology and commerce services with expertise across all digital channels. From strategy through to implementation, our focused team - all experts in their respective fields - work together to help our clients maximise the opportunities created by the changing digital world.

About us

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    Technology Solutions

    Alegra provides out of the box solutions to brands with industry leading technology vendors to offer clients the best possible expertise and solutions. As well as providing tailor solutions on digital projects starting from project management to technology development and operations with scaleable and best in class technology.

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    Video On Demand Solutions

    Provide platform to enable any scale company to quickly launch a comprehensive VOD portal and OTT service with advanced monetisation, social tools and personalisation. Alegra offers SAAS or tailor on premise, and a cross-device experience for all content types - live, VOD and catch-up with SVOD,TVOD,AVOD functionalities.

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    Digital Ads & Commerce Solutions

    We recognize that; key to succeed on digital era is to measure and optimise. We deliver digital marketing plans, display, video, SEM, performance based ad services as well as campaign management, analytics services. And deliver advanced value added services and tools to E.commerce companies to increase their ROI and CLTV.

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     Mobile App Solutions & Marketing

    Alegra provides mobile app development by providing most advanced CMS tools in the market to deliver fully remote customisable apps. With Alegra mobile app development environment one can easily change a function or design of its app without any updates on clients side. Alegra provides Mobile app ad serving services as well...

Our Service Approach

Realistic and Creative Strategy

With our experienced team on digital services, we focus on delivering strategy and project management with 360' market analysis in combination with clients core assets and values. We love to in this Whether your brand needs to undertake a transformational digital  project or you need to re-think the whole customer experience, we can help.


Innovation and Leadership

We love to amaze people by creative solutions and market first implementations on technology. Re-thinking whole user experience and convenience to all kinds of users is our key to optimise and enhance the experience of our platforms. Delivering the best marketing and software tools to achieve best in class result is our focus to success.

Performance and Measurement

We inline our selves with clients KPI's and focus on delivering the requirements of those targets by constant intelligent reporting/analysis and optimisation on our services. We are experienced in digital ad performance as well as scaleable and fault tolerant technology development for high performance required technology projects.

Creative Design

Its always the design first that sells any service and create the initial impression on users which we are really strong with. We fallow up all international trends on Web, Mobile and ad design and implement catchy designs in parallel to client brands identity and vision.  In our approach our design team becomes part of your product or service team to achieve target oriented and convenient end-user experience.