Alegra CMS

All in one control center of all Alegra components with scalable and proven flexibility and performance
AVOD, SVOD, TVOD Support on single platform
Ready to use 3rd party integrations such like Kaltura, Harmonic, Akamai, VideoPlaza, Facebook, Twitter
Multi Device Moderation and Customization remote controls on single interface
Permission based Editor controls, reporting of actions and checkpoint automations
Multi level account by providing management of unlimited parallel platform management on single platform
Fully API and Service based infrastructure giving unlimited flexibility for extensibility
Add-On Features to enhance user experience
Built for SEO performance

Fully drag and drop Portal and App Management

Multi lingual front end management and CMS controls

Strong and flexible reporting structure

Scalable and Optimized high traffic & load

Second screen service on single platform
Recommendation engine service
Security - OWASP Top 10
User management & user roles
Action and view permissions
Content versioning and audit
Workflow and notifications
I18n support on literals and object versions

Normalized database schema design

Automatically generated document

SEO consideration for duplicate content (e.g use of canonical tag)

Valid XHTML (compressed with GZIP)

Integration with Google Analytics
Open source alternative
Automatic RSS feeds
Content import-export
Asset management and thumbnail generation for uploads
Open modular architecture
Upload of images with automated resizing and the upload of files should be easy.
Multi-lingual backend and front end support

Rich text editing which generates accessible markup

Output Caching & Database Level Caching

Valid and minified CSS and JavaScript

On-site training and ongoing customer support

Single-source functionality – each chunk of content is stored only one time in a single repository, enabling maximum content reuse and eliminating duplicate content.
Content reuse - ability to reuse content across multiple documents without duplicating it and to have immediate access to reused content.
Bi-directional link management - automated tracking of cross-referenced content allows users to automatically update all occurrences of any piece of content across all publications and prevent inaccurate content.
Multichannel publishing - content is easily repurposed for publishing to multiple media formats.
Extensibility - the CMS is flexible and configurable by the user to make customizations without additional costly programming.
Digital asset management - users store and organize graphics and multimedia files within the CMS and search for them based on assigned metadata. And existing 3rd party asset management tool integrations with Kaltura.
Secure Remote access - remote users access the system through a secure Web interface.
Authorized access control - system administers assign user privileges and roles, allowing users to only access the content they are authorized to use.