Magento Automation

Alegra, Magento powered E-Commerce platform is suitable for any scale and has many advanced tools built in in the system further than basic Magento installation.


Alegra serves Magento deployments to made on stable and scalable Amazon AWS systems as an Amazon Advanced Certified Partner to secure your business and serve the most robust technology for your benefit.


With Alegra Magento automation after Signing Up for your free trial, you can immediately see the result and test your systems with not losing any time and decide with confidence for the best platform for your business.


Some of key Magento usage differentiator features that comes with Alegra E-Commerce Suite are;


      - No way, only a web page can be enough for you in a world like %60 of e-commerce is running on mobile devices, are you sure if you want to lose time and efforts on this?


With basic Magento implementation, only web portal is provided in the automation whereas with Alegra engine you can built all platforms instantly and boost your business to all screens with no additional development or complex work flows.


      - We hear you, ok let’s say you have to save day and focus on Web first, are you aware that it will take more than double efforts to do it later for other screens and also impact your Magento Core as it requires API developments on top?


In most cases as if mobile apps are made by other parties with custom request than clients face complex multiple management interfaces for all screens which is provided as all in one system with Alegra.


      - Ok now you are all set and have an up and running Magento system, time to make sure do you have backups, what is the process if you have more audience at any time, who will monitor your systems?


Regular Magento deployment is static on the scaling so if you have higher demand then expected your platform may go down or start to give alerts to consumers, whereas with Alegra Magento Automation your systems and servers scales as you get more traffic automatically so you are never limited to fixed scales. And have to do nothing if you have more traffic like buying new servers, installing servers, settings etc. All of these complex flows are served automatically by Alegra automation.


      - Let’s say you want to add a new page to your system for a special occasion or want to serve your TV ads on your web / mobile Spotlight, are you ready to work with developers for days?


Magento features are great but complex on some points where as you need to code in order to change your home page and change flows on your web and mobile apps whereas with Alegra you can change the look and feed and page layouts and designs with just drag and drops. Alegra is built to stop technical software development to maximum extend to save clients efforts and resources while having all advanced tools within the box built in.


      - Say you need 4 Magento Plugins to achieve your targets, how secures you that these individual plugins will not crash with each other and what it takes to implement these?


Alegra builds the innovation and you just activate, in regular Magento deployments all tools are extra add ons or complex developments and then one day one plug in crash with the other and you are locked. With Alegra system Alegra constantly enables new add-ons and functions in its core deployment so that your donor work to keep up to market Dynamics. All you have to do is to activate Alegra new modules to get all new functions on all devices with just a click and Alegra does the rest.


    - What if you would like to show the closest store to your end user on mobile?


Magento is great for E-Commerce functions but there are many other necessities of today’s E-Commerce services and retailers like enabling companies to Show closest store to consumer’s location on mobile or serving video, articles and other social content on the platform s which do not take place in Magento systems, thanks to Alegra End to End approach to E-Commerce these tools and many other tools to support your business and increase your revenues comes out of the box.



Alegra E-Commerce Suite comes with instant delivery automation for all screens, so please Sign UP for your free demo, right now to see the difference with your eyes and get one step closer to boost your business.


Or please Contact US, if you have any questions and like to have a call for further information?


Key Magento Automation Suite Components

  • CMS
    All in one control center of all Alegra components with scalable and proven flexibility and performance
  • WEB Portal
    Dynamic Web Portal with strong social tools and advanced user experience
  • Mobile Apps
    Remote manageable IOS, Android and Windows 8 apps with unique and comprehensive user experience tools
  • Players
    Custom player solution with advanced user experience enhancement and personalization tools
  • E-commerce
    Built-in TVOD, SVOD and sponsored content delivery end to end technology for monetization
  • Second Screen Apps
    Advanced engagement solution to your content for maximum social interaction and viral expention
  • Live & VOD Streaming
    Comprehensive end to end video delivery tools with flexible CDN integration is ready to go
  • Tablet Apps
    IOS, Android and Windows 8 apps customized to your brand