Mobile & Tablet Apps


Alegra automation enables any scale of business to build its white label IPhone and Android Applications and Tablet applications immediately with complete flexibility and advanced tools.


With Alegra Mobile and Tablet Apps Product one can built completely white label mobile apps on top of its existing E-Commerce backend system as well as a complete solution with Alegra E-Commerce Suite.


So you just pick the Backend to be used either provided by Alegra as Magneto or any other party and just connect Alegra platform with selected systems instantly if we already have related plug-in ready to go like Magento systems, please Inquire Us to learn if your backend is supported out of the box. And don’t worry if yet not, Alegra has a well-defined API Integration Document that enables any backend to interconnect to its automation.


By the way we should give you the good news, you do not even loose time while these integrations take few days, thanks to Alegra dynamic store front structure during the integrations you can build your Mobile & Tablet store front customizations in parallel. So when all is done you can immediately release your service on all screens.


Alegra provides you a SAAS based mobile application service that enables you to build your apps instantly and customize the look and feel and activate any feature with just drag and drops so no more complex coding for each device nor time to market.


With Alegra Mobile and Tablet automation not only you can build your E-Commerce apps instantly, you also get flexibility to customize them on the fly via provided store front management interface. Alegra provides dynamic app layout, feature management where as it traces world’s leading E-Commerce companies and puts all new features and visual use cases within the all in one box for your immediate utilization with just drag and drops


Some of the key features of Alegra Mobile Application & Tablet Application Service


White Label Design

Advanced Design Customization

Real-time Remote Dynamic App Design Management

Dynamic Main Menu

Corporate Pages

Dynamic App Header Management supporting Doodle implementation on Logo

Look book Integration (Opening Look Book on Browser window in the app)

Custom ICON set

Custom Splash Screen (With Animation if provided by client) and App Logo

Menu on the left or button

Left Slide actions

Serve different look and feel   per device / per page

Content Serving

Multi Device Central management of all visual aspects and content

Theme & Brand Content Pages

Blog Content Pages (Product Listing Optional)

Video Content Pages (Product Listing Optional)

Live Streaming Video Support

Custom Filter Content Display Pages or Widgets

Content Page supporting multi size banner and spotlight images

Custom Category Pages

Contact Form with Alternative filters ( HR, Franchising, Contact, Support Request etc. )

Article Page and Celebrity Pages

Store Finder with Map Integration and proximity logics and/or City selection

Store finder Driving Direction Integration

Size, Model, Color and Quantity Selectors that may vary between product types

Creation of custom product groups for specific listings

Multi Product Attribute Support

Built-in Video Player Integration

Serving list of products that are in a video

Basic Recommendation Engine logics ( Most popular, Previously Viewed, Top Selling…)

Advanced Recommendation Engine Integrations

Multi Product Variant Listing

Multi Product Image Serving

Favorites Actions

Zoom Functionality

Social Share Buttons

Product Badges Best Seller, New Product, Discount, custom…

Size Chart View

Basket Button - Displaying all products with quantity, etc.


Brand Listing Page

Personalization Support with Custom Rules and Settings

IOS 9 Today Screen Product Listing Widget

Triggering Web Page view in the app on any page or action in full page layout or as a popup

Notify on Stock Update Trigger support

Personal Size Filter support

Cross Sell / Related Products Galleries

Campaigns Listing Page

Multi Filter Selection (with Optimum Clicks)

Auto Hide of no result filter options

Expandable Category Menu

Remote creation of new pages or editing on existing pages

Multi Banner sizes and management interface


Instashop in your apps that let your users to see their liked images on your app and buy products right in the app from your Instagram post

Content Management

Serve different products selection per device

Custom Product Group Logics with Manual, Automatic and Hybrid admin filters

Error Popups with custom design

Fully transparent Order & Customer Management data transition to existing E-Commerce Backend Systems

Dynamic Activation & Deactivation of Features

Scheduling of content life

Automatic Backup Service

Strong activity Log mechanisms for security, reporting all editorial actions

One CMS For All Devices with diversified layouts per device ( web, tablets etc.)

Multi Editorial Rights and Restrictions controls

IP Localization & GEO Localization

Cross Device single basket support

Automatic image resizing option

Cloud Auto Scaling for high traffic loads

Adding new pages and making changes on flows of the apps remotely by not requiring and re-downloads buy end-users

Built-in Push Messaging Service (Optional)

Built-in User Grouping Service (Optional)

Custom Virtual Product Category Creation


Multi-Lingual Support

Full support on clients existing basket implemented Campaign Logics

Loyalty Card Signup

Loyalty Card Points and Account Information lookup

Loyalty Identification with QR Code Support

Barcode Reader

A/B Testing Integrations

Add single size products direct to basket with push messages

Instant in app one to one visual call service with client approval

Instant Personal Popup Push

Google GTM - Ecommerce integration

Search engine indexing support

google analytics integration

Custom CRM integration

Criteo and other performance marketing integrations

Affiliate Network Integrations

Adjust SDK integration

Google Retargeting Integration

Product Feed Service for third-party ingest

Scroll Down Widget for custom action

Shake Link widget for custom action

User Management

Remember logged in users

Automatic Address listing

Call for support button

Newsletter Subscription Form

Custom Sign Up form fields

Custom Sign Up form controls with backend services

Social Connect Support

Editing account details

User Profile Page

Order Listing Page

Order Actions

Shipment Tracking support

Personal Messages Listing

Forget password

Call Client Services or open a ticket Support


IOS 9 Native Search Integration

Auto Complete Search Bar

Advanced Filters on Search results page

Search result custom rankings based on business rules

Categorized display of matching products

Did you mean -Service for spelling mistakes

Built-in Product indexing service

Previous Searches List

Search on multi content type not limited to Ecommerce Products (Articles, Videos Etc.)


In Store Pickup

PayPal Payment Support

Multi Address Management

Wire Transfer Payment Option

Coupon Code Support

Gift Box Order Option Support

Optimized Payment And Checkout flow

Multi and Different Shipment & invoice address

Shipment Provider Selector

Credit Card Type and Instalment Selector

MasterCard (Card Storage Integration)

One Click Buy Function

Guest Check Out Support

Serving Alternative Discount Notifications and values on Basket page

Serving User Agreements with custom client data