Web & Mobile Portals

Don’t want to be limited with boarders and not decide every box you would need to use on your E-Commerce system from the first day, we understand you.


With Alegra platform you do not need themes, Alegra serves all dynamic store fronts to your business that you can drag and drop any component to anywhere on any device and customize the layout with just few clicks. So with Alegra store front you are free to add pages, change layouts, add modules and even functions instantly with no coding or complex processes.


We are all experiencing the shift from responsive mobile web to M. Dot Mobile site service which gives more flexibility to customize your mobile web portals from web for small screens for best performance and conversion. So Alegra provides both responsive and M. Dot mobile platform services within the box to serve most up to date experience and highest sales conversion rates on mobile platforms.

Some of the Features of Alegra Web Platforms ;

Differentiate the products and visuals that you use on web and mobile web.
Customize your sites with drag and drop of components
Manage your web store fronts from the same admin that you can manage mobile apps
Create new pages with just drag and drops
Create your white label platform with on page editing to maximum extend
Always get new modules and layouts added to your core for future use
Let Alegra handle all the high traffic load to its scalable and stable systems for you while reducing your hosting costs.
Get categorized and quick search results with autocomplete by Alegra Automation

Serve rich media content and create blogs with built in Alegra content tools

Use Video tools to serve videos in your platform and sell products that are spotted in videos right on the same page

Post articles and photo galleries with publishing tools

Let users to comment on products and moderate them

Have all social media integrations to maximum extend
Get ready to boost your digital marketing with built in analytics and affiliate integrations
Serve non E-Commerce functions to your audience on single platform like finding the closest store
Let Alegra do all backup and hosting for you
With Alegra InstaShop add-on let your users to see their likes products right in your web platforms and purchase the products that are in the post pictures with a single click.