Integration and Usage Materials
10.03.2018 15:50
Please visit this link for our user manual on English: And below link for training...More
11.03.2018 00:40
To discover how you can integrate with Alegra services please check referance materials for details guidelines and...More
11.03.2018 00:49
We work hard to make Alegra system as open is it could be to be able to work with you and collaborate on creating the best experience...More
Alegra Integration Documentation for Ecommerce Toolkit
11.03.2018 01:04
This article is going to outline product integration documentation and service structure.
11.03.2018 01:11
Please use these instructions to integrate your WMS system or your main stock data and workflow to Alegra systems. With this...More
11.03.2018 01:15
Please use this guideline to export each transaction in real time to your 3rd party systems.
11.03.2018 01:04
If you have your existing backend solution, you can use Alegra Suite to build your own Frontend applications. The process: You will...More
26.02.2018 12:33
The mobile ecosystem is already complex: choosing a mobile configuration, accounting for mobile-friendliness, preparing for the...More
26.02.2018 15:02
In this article, we'll compare Stripe, Paypal, Square, and Braintree to see what each do and how they do it. We'll analyze those...More
Content & Video Service Integrations
11.03.2018 01:21
Please use below guidelines to plug your existing CMS system for 2 way synchronization for most robust work flow.
11.03.2018 01:29
Please use below guideline to integrate your own VMS video workflow and players.
11.03.2018 01:33
You can develop anything you want on top of Alegra service by also utilizing Alegra system hooks to integrate and customize the system.More