John Serra

11.20.2018 16:36



•App-like performance – 2-4X faster than traditional responsive or websites.

•Mobile-first experience with no reloads of pages and animations and full-screen mode
•Tailor design and business rule settings for your mobile web audience
•Contribution to your SEO with higher page load time, increased time on site, lower bounce rate
•Apps with no download requirements or App store hassle - they can be used by every possible smartphone user in the world and saved to the desktop just like an APP allowing to send push messages as well
•Off-line readiness where the on-line store can be browsed by customers with weak or even lack of a network connection
•Safe, PWA tehnology works on HTTPS protocol.
•PWAs uses headless architecture. It’s all about separating the frontend from your backend eCommerce platform. With this approach, PWA can be added to any eCommerce backend
•PWA apps are light. The weight of the apps is decreased by 80-90%. Just compare the Twitter native app 100mb+ with Twitter lite (PWA) 1.5mb!