Custom Solutions

We are a one-stop solution for all requirements including hosting, maintenance, monitoring, web and mobile platforms and integrations.

We offer you a unique technology, which allows you to build your ecommerce and content platforms on multi-devices as an all in one, and centrally managed system giving you full control on the design and experience on each individual device.
Boost your ecommerce and engagement, while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

All of our front-end solutions are managed from the same console, which gives you the flexibility to serve custom ecommerce experiences and content on any device or location.
Easily edit page layouts/products or even create new pages using our simple drag and drop technology.
Our unique and dynamic native mobile app technology allows you to customize all of your layouts/designs in real-time on each device.

Our teams closely monitor new technologies and trends to add to our SAAS toolkit. You will have full access to our continuously evolving tools, features and designs, which you can simply drag and drop to activate.

We provide end-to-end ecommerce solutions with MAGENTO community addition on our deployment, which brings you the best in class back end system.
Our custom ‘MAGENTO on Steroids’ provides increased speed, flexibility, redundancy, 24/7 maintenance, constant improvements and scalability.

For those clients who want to keep their existing back-end and only renew the storefront experience, Alegra’s storefront technology is fully adaptive and integrates seamlessly to any ecommerce 3rd party back-end system. This adaptive service structure means you can plug our multi-device storefront service to any ecommerce system you have in place and go multi-device in a matter of days. 

Service Approach

Alegra’s ecommerce suite provides a fully customizable and redundant ecommerce platform that is built to deliver an enhanced lifestyle and shopping experience that will increase your revenues and boost engagement.

Our continual core development delivers new features and modules to enhance your business with enterprise performance, scalability and redundancy.

Our automated service has minimal operational and technical processes allowing you to focus on enlarging your business.