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Alegra - SAAS Service SLA


This SLA Agreement ('SLA') is valid from the Signature Date of Alegra Service Contract. And is valid until the expiry date or early termination date of the main contract. The SLA measurements and activities and reporting's will start to commence from the Acceptance date of the Platform that the Platform will be offered to public use on at least one device with approval of the Client.This document describes the service level standards of Alegra supports for its SaaS platform offering. The document addresses severity definitions and response times, escalation procedure, and remedies.

2. Severity Definitions and Response Times

Alegra will assign a level of severity to each problem for which a support ticket is opened:

a) Severity 1 (critical): The problem causes an outage to a mission critical production service that makes the service completely unavailable, and no workaround is immediately available.

b) Severity 2 (medium): The problem causes degradation to a production service but does not disrupt critical functions. A workaround acceptable to the Licensee is available until the problem can be corrected.

c) Severity 3 (low): A non-critical or non-serious problem to a service or workflow.

Alegra commits to providing an initial response to support tickets according to the following timeline in working hours (any notifications that will arrive in off hours will be responded within below mentioned time limits starting from the first business days work hours):

a) Severity 1 – 60 minutes

b) Severity 2 – 5 hours

c) Severity 3 – 3 business days

Alegra work day and times are Monday – Friday, 09.30 – 18.30 Turkish time.

3. Status definitions

a) OPEN – Alegra has not identified the cause of a reported issue.

b) PENDING – Alegra has identified the cause of a reported issue and the issue is being addressed, but has not yet been closed.

c) CLOSED – The issue has been resolved OR Alegra and Licensee jointly agree to close the support ticket or defer the issue.

Alegra will follow up with the Licensee according to the following guidelines:

a) Severity 1 – Every 2 hours during OPEN status; follow-up every business day during PENDING status.

b) Severity 2 – Every 12 hours during OPEN status; follow-up every 2 business days during PENDING status.

c) Severity 3 – Every 3 business days during OPEN status; follow-up every 7 business days during PENDING status.

4. Escalation









[email protected]





[email protected]

*Within the service agreement client should share its escalation procedures.

5. Scheduled Downtime

As used herein, Scheduled Downtime refers to both Planned Downtime and Emergency Downtime, as both terms are defined herein. Alegra will not be deemed to have failed any system performance standards where such system performance standard fails as a result of Planned Downtime or Emergency Downtime.

1. Planned Downtime is defined as (i) downtime requested by Licensee, or (ii) any planned outage for which Licensee has received notification of at least 3 days in advance of such occurrence. Alegra will be limited to one instance of Planned Downtime per month not to exceed 6 hours in duration, unless more frequent or longer outages are requested or approved by Licensee. To minimize the impact on Licensee's users, Alegra will make reasonable efforts to schedule Planned Downtime only between 12:00 midnight and 08:00am EST on Sunday mornings.

As part of the above notification to Licensee, Alegra will notify Licensee about any planned maintenance of the systems. Unless such planned maintenance is scheduled to overlap with Planned Downtime, Alegra's systems will be operational during the maintenance window.

2. Emergency Downtime is defined as any unplanned outage for which Alegra is unable to provide notice as Planned Downtime, but where Alegra has notified Licensee at least 24 hours in advance of such occurrence. There will be no more than one instance of Emergency Downtime in any calendar quarter, with a duration not to exceed 4 hours in each instance.

6. System Uptime and Service Credits

Alegra commits to providing 99.9% platform uptime, measured on a monthly basis.

In the event that the uptime of Alegra's platform falls below 99.9 percent (except for Scheduled Downtime and Force Major) during any 2 months within 2 consecutive calendar quarters, Alegra will provide Licensee with service license fee discount in the amount of %25 for the applicable month, for the months during which such failures were measured. In the event that the actual uptime of Alegra's platform falls below 99.9 percent (except for Scheduled Downtime and Force Major) in any 3 or more months within 2 consecutive calendar quarters, Alegra will provide Licensee a right to terminate the agreement within the months during which such failures were measured, termination right stated herein of the agreement cannot be used after 15 days from such failure term has finalized. The remedies specified in this paragraph shall be Licensee's sole and exclusive remedy for failure to meet the Service Level Standards set forth herein. Force Major shall be understand for this SLA means any act of God, fire, flood, lightning, civil war or strife, revolution, act of terrorism, riot or civil commotion, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), act of foreign enemy, invasion, war, rebellion, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes or actions, breakdown of facilities, breakdown of electric or internet access facilities, legal enactment, governmental order or regulation or any other cause beyond their respective control or any other event or circumstances outside a Party's reasonable control and which such party is unable to overcome by the exercise of reasonable diligence.